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Guitars Pedals
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Dyna Comp classic compressorOne of the most popular compressors of all time, the Dyna Comp i..
$159.00 $135.00 Ex Tax: $122.73
EVH90 signature phase 90Grab a piece of Eddie's magic with the MXR EVH 90—a collab..
$279.00 $235.00 Ex Tax: $213.64
Micro chorusWith its simple operation and stellar analog tone—the MXR Micro Chorus joi..
$179.00 $155.00 Ex Tax: $140.91
M101 Phase 90 'block logo' phaserRich, warm analog tone Add shimmery velocity..
$185.90 $145.00 Ex Tax: $131.82
CSP101SL Phase 90 'Script Logo'Often imitated but never duplicated, the elusive vint..
$199.00 $169.00 Ex Tax: $153.64
multi-dimensional reverb Clear Skies Ahead.Plug into BigSky and insta..
$829.00 $675.00 Ex Tax: $613.64
Blue Sky ReverberatorThe philosophy behind our blueSky Reverberator is simple—take a rid..
$559.00 $449.00 Ex Tax: $408.18
El Capistan Tape EchoWhen we decided to develop an effects pedal that delivers the sound and..
$559.00 $449.00 Ex Tax: $408.18
Tremolo & ReverbThe magical combination of tremolo and reverb is the earliest example of..
$559.00 $449.00 Ex Tax: $408.18
multi-dimensional modulation Infinitely Organic.Some might say we’re ..
$779.00 $629.00 Ex Tax: $571.82
 OB1 Optical Compressor & Clean Boost  The Front End to Your Dream Tone. ..
$419.00 $349.00 Ex Tax: $317.27
Isolated Power Supply Power your pedals with Ojai—the highest horsepower, mos..
$309.00 $259.00 Ex Tax: $235.45
Riverside Multistage DriveRiverside is the culmination of a thorough analysis of numerous..
$559.00 $449.00 Ex Tax: $408.18
Multi-dimensional delay Inspiration Machine.When we decided to create a stu..
$779.00 $629.00 Ex Tax: $571.82
Polytune 2 Chromatic TunerTuning used to be a necessary evil. The last barrier before you co..
$219.00 $175.00 Ex Tax: $159.09
Polytune 2 Mini Chromatic tunerOur mission since 2010, when we first introduced Polytune to ..
$189.00 $149.00 Ex Tax: $135.45