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Acoustic Guitar Amps

Acoustic Guitar Amps
Brand: Behringer Model: B205D
Eurolive B205D ultra compact PA & personal monitor The ultra-compact B205D packs 150 Watts of amazing Class-D sound into a speaker system so light, you can mount it on a mic stand and aim it right at your ears – for the perfect personal monitor. But don’t let the small size fool y..
Ex Tax:$362.73
Brand: Behringer Model: B207mp3
Eurolive B207mp3 Ultra compact PA & Personal Monitor We took the things people already love about our best-selling B205D PA/ Monitor speaker system, and gave it an extra channel, threw in a larger speaker and added an onboard MP3 player, so you can play your favorite tunes right from a USB st..
Ex Tax:$362.73
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 1x12" Guitar Amp Combo Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 1x12" Guitar Amp Combo
-21 %
Brand: Fender Model: 2232203000
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 1x12" Guitar Amp Combo Specifications      Output Power / Output: 40 Watts     Controls: Bright Switch, Drive Volume, Drive Select Switch, Treble, Bass, Middle, Master  Volume, Reverb, Presence     Amp..
$1,499.00 $1,899.00
Ex Tax:$1,362.73
Fender Frontman 10w Guitar Amp Fender Frontman 10w Guitar Amp
-23 %
Brand: Fender Model: 2311003900
Fender Frontman 10w Guitar Amp 1 X 6 Inch Combo Features 1/4" instrument input Selectable Overdrive switch with Gain knob 1/8" Aux In 1/8" Headphone output Controls: Volume, Gain, Overdrive Select Button, Treble, Bass Covering: Black Textured Vinyl with Silver Grille..
$99.00 $129.00
Ex Tax:$90.00
Laney AH150 Audiohub Amplifier Laney AH150 Audiohub Amplifier
-15 %
Brand: Laney Model: AH150
Audiohub AH150 5-channel amplifier The AH150’s 5 Channels means that this unit is ideal as a small portable trio’s PA. It handles vocals, guitars, keys and electronic drums without any problem at all, with every input you could want catered for. Each channel has independent gain, two ..
$629.00 $739.00
Ex Tax:$571.82
Laney AH40 Audiohub Acoustic Amplifier Laney AH40 Audiohub Acoustic Amplifier
-15 %
Brand: Laney Model: AH40
The Audiohub AH40 compact amplifier ULTRA PORTABLE The AH40 is an ultra portable unit featuring two independent channels: one designed to take a mic or line source, the other is aimed at playback devices, CD or iPod etc. The AH40 also comprises a Global EQ, a DI out and finally a headphone s..
$339.00 $399.00
Ex Tax:$308.18
Roland AC-33 acoustic amplifier Roland AC-33 acoustic amplifier
-17 %
Brand: Roland Model: AC-33
The AC-33 acoustic amplifier Rich, deep, stereo sound to go — introducing the AC-33, the world’s first battery-powered amp made specifically for acoustic guitar. Portable yet powerful, the AC-33 provides true stereo sound, Guitar and Mic/Line channels, custom-tailored effects, anti-fe..
$679.00 $815.00
Ex Tax:$617.27
Roland Cube Street Ex Roland Cube Street Ex
-20 %
Model: Cube Street Ex
Roland Cube Street Ex Features Cube StreetEX Features Innovative new Roland technology provides 50 watts of stereo power from eight AA-size batteries Selectable output power modes to optimize battery life for different performing situations (Max: 50 W/5 hours; Normal: 25 W/10 hours; Eco:..
$799.00 $999.00
Ex Tax:$726.36
Roland Cube Street portable amplifier Roland Cube Street portable amplifier
-15 %
Brand: Roland Model: Cube Street
Cube Street - battery powered amplifier If you’re a musician who’s on the move, the new CUBE Street is for you. Whether you’re running to a rehearsal, lesson, street gig, or any situation that requires portability and versatility, the CUBE Street is a battery-powered marvel that..
$495.00 $579.00
Ex Tax:$450.00
Zoom A3 Acoustic Guitar Effects Zoom A3 Acoustic Guitar Effects
-25 %
Brand: ZOOM Model: A3
The perfect acoustic accompaniment The Zoom A3 Pre-Amp & Effects for Acoustic Guitar Reproducing the delicate tone of an acoustic guitar onstage can be challenging. Pickups have a tendency to make the sound flat and lifeless, while microphones often introduce feedback. Zoom's A3 provid..
$345.00 $459.00
Ex Tax:$313.64
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