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Beale Flute FL200 Beale Flute FL200
-20 %
Brand: Beale Model: FL200
Beale Flute FL200 Features Silver-plated body Off-set G Low C and Split E Keys C foot joint Case included 3 Years Warranty Lightweight Hard Foam Case Also Includes: Polishing Cloth Cleaning Stick Adjustment Driver  ..
$399.00 $499.00
Ex Tax:$362.73
Beale Flute FL400 Beale Flute FL400
-11 %
Brand: Beale Model: FL400
Beale Flute FL400 Features   Open key design  French appointed keys  Off-set G, Low C and Split E keys  C footjoint  Case Included Also Includes: Polishing Cloth Cleaning Rod  ..
$799.00 $899.00
Ex Tax:$726.36
K&M Flute Stand 15232 K&M Flute Stand 15232
-20 %
Brand: Konig & Meyer (K&M) Model: 15232
K&M Flute Stand 15232 Feature   Height: 155 mm Leg construction: leg base screwable Material: plastic peg, zinc die-cast legs Peg diameter: 18 mm Special features: the stand fits in almost every pocket when folded Suitable for: Bass, Böhm and Cross flutes Type: blac..
$34.95 $43.50
Ex Tax:$31.77
Yamaha Flute YCL-222ID Yamaha Flute YCL-222ID
-14 %
Brand: Yamaha Model: YFL-222ID
Yamaha Flute YCL-222ID Specifications: Drawn and curled toneholes Covered keys Offset G key Split E Mechanism: No Nickel Silver finish Case / bag: Included  ..
$799.00 $929.99
Ex Tax:$726.36
Yamaha Flute YFL2121ID Yamaha Flute YFL2121ID
-26 %
Brand: Yamaha Model: YFL2121
Yamaha Flute YFL2121D Features Silver plated head, body and keys Closed Hole C Foot Offset G Split E Mechanism Padded flute case (pictured) included Pointed Arms Updated pad cups  ..
$759.00 $1,029.00
Ex Tax:$690.00
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